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PT NATURAL NUSANTARA | Bisnis NASA Indonesia Kami Terdepan

In conducting plant breeding we often use the technique of grafting on the parent tree that we wish to develop cultures, various ways have we learned a lot, but this time I'll fit a grafting Tips manner that saves time with results that did not lose any other way, see how following

  1. Prepare a plastic bag, to transplant with rods needed a plastic bag sizes 1 / 4 kg, and measures 1 / 2 kg for large stems.
  2. Prepare the transplant media, and then fill in a plastic bag with a measure of last three quarters of the total load the bag, then pull the ends until solid.
  3. Then if you want to use these bags how torn / sliced lengthwise one hand and the torn plastic bag was inserted from the bottom of the wound when the position of transverse rods or flat, upright stem in position to enter freely, and then distributed equally to keratan diselubungkan plant stem. Perform the binding, so the media at the correct position (location overlooking snag
above (where the stem horizontal position) and the media covering the flat / close keratan / cuts on stems of plants).
4. Done, easy is not it?, This way we can save time, means we can more grafting, Good luck.

Use a mixture of NASA POC growing media in the dough with a rate of one bottle mixed with a liter of water, stir the batter until uniform, then the results would be stronger had transplanted roots and adequacy of nutrition can improve the quality of trees when planted.

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